Marketyze manages performance marketing for innovative skincare brand Skin Inc in the Southeast Asia region

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Skin Inc is a global leader in high-tech skincare. With over 100 beauty awards, Skin Inc provides customizable skincare products for every skin type. Skin Inc has locations in 78 cities globally and has been featured in publications like Vogue, WWD, and Refinery 29.

As a pioneer in skincare technology, Skin Inc continues to expand and reinvent the beauty industry. Skin Inc’s latest round of funding earlier this year brings their total funding from the venture capital Mistletoe to $7 million (USD). The capital from this new round of funding is planned to be used to build the Skin Inc Cloud Data & AI Infrastructure, invest in product innovation, expand e-commerce offering and omnichannel distribution globally, and grow Skin Inc’s personalized marketing initiatives – this is where we come in!

Marketyze started partnering with Skin Inc in February 2021, and we were tasked with two main objectives: (1) improve our reach to Skin Inc’s customer base and scale Skin Inc’s presence in Singapore and (2) expand growth and secure Skin Inc’s foothold in other Asia-Pacific countries, while maintaining a steady return on ad spend (ROAS).

Home base advantage in Singapore

Skin Inc was founded in Singapore and served as the company’s strong homebase, and so we started working with Skin Inc with an initial emphasis on Singapore. With Skin Inc’s stable branding and performance in Singapore, we focused on optimizing campaigns for their best-selling products and structured campaigns for their best-selling products such as the My Daily Dose custom blended serum and the Optimizer Voyage Trilight flash facial device. However, as a continuously innovating company, Skin Inc was also launching new cutting-edge beauty products, such as the custom recovery sleep masks, and we designed different campaigns for these newly launched products accordingly.

We then started tackling other markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Although most of Skin Inc’s clients in the region are based in Singapore, Skin Inc has been scaling throughout numerous countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia. However, scaling up in different markets is tied to high investment costs, and there are difficulties with growing at a large scale effectively. Within these new markets, Marketyze helped increase brand awareness among Skin Inc’s potential customers while keeping return on ad spend at healthy levels. 

Website ( vs. marketplaces

As one of their goals is to expand their e-commerce offering and omnichannel distribution globally, Skin Inc sold their products through multiple channels online. Customers are able to purchase Skin Inc products through the Skin Inc website ( as well as through numerous marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, and Sephora.

Skin Inc managed the website and marketplaces separately through independent teams. We worked seamlessly with both teams – our team is very flexible with utilizing different communication channels. And with Skin Inc doubling down on marketing efforts across a number of platforms, we were always ready to provide support especially on marketplace mega campaign days.  

We managed and optimized the return on ad spend for the campaigns landing on the brand website and the campaigns that landed on the marketplace platforms separately, setting different goals and expectations for the respective campaigns. With the movement towards protecting customer privacy and data, Skin Inc has prioritized increasing the flow of customers towards purchasing directly on the brand website.

Working with Skin Inc going forward

We are excited to continue our partnership with Skin Inc, as they expand their presence globally. With our experience scaling in different markets in the Asia-Pacific region, we look forward to the challenge with optimizing performance across the numerous digital platforms and countries.

We decided to partner with Marketyze after our previous relationship with another agency did not pan out, and we believed Marketyze was the best partner for us. The team onboarded us quickly, made changes to improve our return on ad spend immediately, and they were very communicative and professional throughout the entire process. Marketyze proved that they are well-versed in growth marketing, B2C e-commerce, and the e-commerce platforms in the Southeast Asian region.

William GaultierChief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Skin Inc

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