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We first started working with GoWabi to help boost online sales during their 2020 end of year mega sales campaigns. GoWabi is a spa & beauty booking and delivery platform – a one stop service for booking spa, massage, and beauty services.

After success with the campaigns, our partnership grew beyond campaign management and we began setting up the tracking infrastructure for GoWabi’s performance marketing, with a lot of the effort going into improving app tracking.
We were tasked with improving 2 KPIs: maximizing ROAS (return on ad spend) and minimizing CPI (cost per install), two common metrics app-focused startups that do performance marketing should focus on.

Utilizing Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics for web tracking

For web tracking, we utilized Google Tag Manager to set up conversion events. We used Google Analytics to set up goals and track revenue. Google Analytics tracks any web traffic data, and the web analytics provided us with statistical and analytical information on conversions from Google search ad campaigns and Facebook Web campaigns.
During the onboarding phase, we ran on multiple channels and A/B tested a multitude of campaigns. As an agency, we’re channel agnostic and focus on performance first and foremost. We found out which channels were best and got rid of the ones that weren’t performing.

Utilizing AppsFlyer for mobile app attribution and app tracking

App tracking and mobile app attribution added another layer of complexity in setting up the infrastructure for tracking our digital marketing performance. Mobile app attribution is known to be complex and full of technical barriers because of the different mobile platforms and large number of ad networks, each requiring advertisers to set up network specific SDKs (software development kits).

We utilized AppsFlyer for mobile app attribution and app tracking. AppsFlyer is a marketing attribution and mobile analytics platform, with a universal SDK that connected us to the entire mobile ecosystem. We utilized the platform to track performance from app-based data, pinpointing the value of specific channels, ad networks, publishers, campaigns, and versions of creatives.

We set up campaigns for different segments of the conversion funnel, setting up retargeting campaigns that focused on driving ROAS, while running prospecting campaigns that were optimized based on lowest cost per install.

From impressions, to clicks to installs, to in-app events, we were able to trace where traffic was coming, our app installation from each channel, and user purchases. AppsFlyer provided us with the information we needed, and we were able to gain insight on the conversions coming from our various Google Universal App campaigns (Google automated app campaigns that promote your apps across Google’s properties such as Search, Google Play, and YouTube), Facebook iOS and Facebook Android app campaigns. The platform helped us make data-driven decisions on user-acquisition spend.

Putting it all together in one dashboard

However, the full visibility wasn’t the end of it. We had to interpret the data that was provided and optimized the different segments of our customer acquisition funnels accordingly. AppsFlyer split revenue to new installs, retargeting/existing users, and also included lifetime value of users who install, re-engage, and/or re-attribute during selected date ranges. Through analyzing the complete user funnel and pinpointing the value of specific channels, we managed the budget split among the best performing campaigns, as well as determined the best split among retargeting and prospecting campaigns.

As part of our services, we also provide a live dashboard on Google Data Studio. Our dashboard provides a fully integrated view of our spend on the different Ad platforms and the revenue generated from our Android App, iOS App, and Website. By merging all of the data into one view, we were able to easily analyze the cost per install from Facebook/Google, see which campaigns were producing the highest install volume highest with lowest budget, and which campaigns were driving the most revenue per ad spend.

Working with GoWabi going forward

We will be continuing our partnership with GoWabi in 2021 to help grow sales and improve performance!

We are very happy with our partnership with Marketyze! They’ve helped with our digital marketing efforts including tracking, organizing our marketing channels and reporting. We are very impressed with the dashboard that provides a fully integrated view of all of our marketing channels (Facebook and Google) and our POS platforms (website and application). Our two main metrics have been improving consistently, our ROAS has been increasing and CPI has decreased. They go above and beyond helping deep dive into any data related issues and cleaning up all tracking related data.

Samir CherroCo-Founder & CEO at GoWabi

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