Do you want to lower the CPA of your Google Ads campaigns by more than 50%? – We can do that for you with Goblin.

  • Lower your cost-per-acquisition, while maximizing your sales or leads
  • Save countless man-hours on campaign setup and management
  • Build your campaigns at scale and automate your bid management on Google Ads
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How We Grow Your Account With Goblin

0. What Is Goblin?

Goblin is our in-house developed tool for creating and managing Google Ads. We built it to deliver the best channel performance for our clients and help you save a lot of money. We have been close friends with Goblin ever since.

1. How Does It Work?

The first thing we do is feed Goblin with keywords. We follow a structured process to identify manually all possible keywords related to your business. It’s a manual and time-consuming procedure but the end results always justify the effort.

2. Goblin Takes Over

Thankfully, the next step is already automated. Goblin prepares keyword combinations based on our earlier input. It will apply a concept from set theory called a Cartesian product. It’s a mathematical operation that returns a set from multiple sets. Goal is to get tens of thousands of keyword combinations, covering all search combinations relevant to your business.

3. Launching Campaigns

Goblin will automatically create a Google Search Ad for every keyword combination it has. A few days later the operation is complete. The entire process is highly customizable and any requirements can be applied such as ad variations, different landing pages, UTM tracking parameters and others. Creating ads is tiresome for human beings, but Goblin never complains.

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4. Time For A Break

Goblin has finished campaign creation which resulted in hundreds of thousands of unique ads. All of them are setup within your Google Ads account. The ads are designed for optimal keyword Quality Scores. They cover simple short-tail and less obvious long-tail keywords. As an example, see the 2.4 million ads that Goblin created for AskSteve.

5. Goblin Never Sleeps

Once the account has been set-up it’s time for never ending optimization. Goblin will manage your bids automatically. It will shut down non performing campaigns and it will spend more on well performing ones. Goblin hates inefficiency and we try our best to support him in his quest to deliver best performing Google Ads Campaigns.

6. Goblin Shows Off Results

Goblin is a greedy fella. To show you the money he’s saving you, we’ll provide you with a customized dashboard built out in Google Data Studio. The dashboard will allow you to easily see in real-time how your Google Search campaigns are doing, and how these are impacting your company performance.

Who Benefits From Goblin?

Regardless of how much you’re spending on Google Search Ads, you can benefit from the scale, automation and performance that Goblin provides. The four company types described here benefit the most.

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For Agencies

Goblin has allowed us as an agency to take on more clients‘ Google Ads Search accounts, without the need of growing a bigger team, while continuously improving our clients’ performance. Goblin can do the same for other agencies: Achieve your targets earlier, and reduce your workload.

For Startups

It’s hard to find good digital marketing talent out there, especially for a young & growing company. Not to mention, hiring talent in-house can get expensive. Goblin can help you build high-performance campaigns, without hiring an in-house PPC team.

For E-Commerce

One of the biggest pain points for E-Commerce companies when it comes to Google Search Ads is creating campaigns that cover all your different products and product categories. Goblin provides you with a scalable solution that saves you countless hours of manually creating campaigns.

For Retail

62% of in-store shoppers research online before committing to make a purchase offline. Goblin ensures your business is visible on the first page of the Google Search results for all relevant keywords that your customers are searching for.

Goblin Setup Within Two Weeks


Reach Out

Right after we receive confirmation from you to go ahead with a trial, we’ll reach out to you shortly.


Connect to Google Ads

Within the next day, we’ll setup a new Google Ads account for you, which will be under our management. We’ll also help set up your conversion tracking, so we can properly measure your CPA.


Keyword Research

We’ll do in-depth keyword research to ensure we cover all your search demand.


Create campaigns

Goblin creates hundreds of thousands of ads automatically following our keyword research. This will take up to seven days, depending on the size of your keyword structure.


Set your targets

We will ask you for your CPA targets for us to optimize towards. We’ll set these targets lower every few weeks so we continuously improve your performance.


Check your performance

We’ll provide you with a Google Data Studio dashboard where you can easily see and monitor your Google Ads performance versus your given targets.



Within two weeks all your campaigns, adgroups and ads are launched and fully running.


We will do the rest

Goblin adjusts your bids every 30 minutes to help us reach your targets. You will no longer need to manage your Google Ads accounts, we will take care of it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take before my ads are live?

Once we’ve setup a new Google Ads account for you, depending on the size of your keyword structure, it will take us at most two weeks before all ads are live.

Do I need to configure Goblin towards my Google Ads Search account structure or do I need to manage anything myself?

No! Since account management is part of our Goblin packages, we will handle all configurations. All we need from you is your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) targets. If Google Ads hasn’t been set up, and you don’t yet have conversion tracking in Google Analytics or Google Tags Manager (to track your leads, orders, or bookings), we’ll set this up for you as well. You will not need anyone in-house to manage Google Ads anymore.

I have automated bid strategies turned on for my campaigns. Will Goblin work with automated bid strategies?

No, Goblin works best with the Manual CPC bid strategy setting. Automated bid strategies such as enhanced CPC (eCPC) interfere with Goblin’s own algorithm.

Does Goblin include Google Display Ads?

No, our PPC solutions don’t cover ads on the Google Display Network. However, we do provide Display services separately! –  See more here or reach out to us at

How will Goblin optimize my Google Search Ads performance?

Goblin checks the performance of each keyword regularly based on certain conditions, feeding into the learning algorithm and adjusts the bids to achieve your desired targets (whether it’s cost-per-lead, cost-per-order or another metric set as a goal in Google Ads).

I have a website that frequently adds new categories or pages. Can I expand on my keywords?

Yes! We can add more ads using your new keywords and combine them with all the older keyword modifiers on an ongoing basis. We’ll do this on an ongoing basis.

Do I pay more for creating and managing 4 millions ads instead of 1 million ads?

No! The pricing is fixed (in the ‘retainer fee’ model), or solely based on your budget (in the ‘media spend percentage’ model). Since there is no extra effort on our side to create more campaigns, we will also not charge you more.

Can I use Goblin with non-English languages?

Yes! Goblin work with all languages supported by Google. We have successfully set up Goblin for some of our Thai clients, combining English and Thai keywords in the same ads.

What is AdTech (or MarTech) and how is Goblin related?

Adtech (short for advertising technology) is the umbrella term for technology from software and tools that help agencies and brands target, deliver, and analyze their digital advertising efforts. Adtech (such as Goblin) is designed to help advertisers make better use of their budgets.

Have more questions?

If your questions are not answered here, we’re here to address any other concern or doubt. Please feel to use our form here, or mail directly to We can also setup a quick 30 minutes demo on request.

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  • Keyword Research, Account Structure & Conversion Tracking
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  • Goblin campaign setup & live performance management
  • 24/5 Support & Account Management
  • Support for one Google Ads MCC Account, with up to 10,000 campaigns and 4 million ads
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  • Keyword Research, Account Structure & Conversion Tracking
  • Multi-language support
  • Unlimited MCC support
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  • Goblin campaign setup & live performance management
  • 24/5 Support & Account Management
  • Unlimited Google Ads MCC Account support, unlocking an infinite number of campaigns and ads
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  • Keyword Research, Account Structure & Conversion Tracking
  • Multi-language support
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